Why You Need a High Capacity Firearm.

The world is ablaze while law enforcement agencies have been told to “stand down,” to allow people the freedom to “protest.”  Even if that means wide-spread looting, wide spread violence and wide-spread fires…and it might be coming to your town, your neighborhood, your street…your house. What then? Police and Fire departments have been told toContinue reading “Why You Need a High Capacity Firearm.”

What is a “Fighting Handgun?”

What IS a “Fighting Handgun?” Standard answers include “the gun you have with you when you need it,” or “the gun you’re best with,” etc.  Really? Those answers are usually superior in tone and delivery, but it really betrays the ignorance of whoever is saying it.  If you decide to carry a sightless .380 withContinue reading “What is a “Fighting Handgun?””

Beretta Minx pocket pistol

This is the Berreta Minx .22 short. This pocket rocket can shoot! It’s fun to shoot, reliable, and more accurate than people think. It’s a nice small pistol to carry in your pocket. This is a nice pistol for concealed carry.