301 Defensive Handgun

The DEFENSIVE HANDGUN course teaches you the skills required to take command over your immediate surroundings.

It is the perfect follow up any handgun class you’ve taken before. This is NOT a beginner class.

You’ll learn how to:

* Draw safely from a holster

*safely RE-holster! (Often ignored in competitors classes)

* Malfunction Clearance drills

* Perform to a threshold standard.

This class addresses that AND MORE!

Secure your spot now!

Limited to 12 to maximize your progress.

Cost: $60

(Take 401 Advanced Handgun in the afternoon, $99 for both!)

You’ll need:

• Gun that you actually carry
• Holster that covers the trigger
• 3 magazines or two speedloaders
• Magazine/speedloader pouches
• Eye/ear protectionSunscreen, snacks, water
• 150 rounds MINIMUM

Where: 6109 NE 50th, OKC


Do not use this class to “check out a gun.” Instead, learn to improve your shooting skill with your chosen firearm.

Safety rules will be enforced. If you commit an egregious safety violation, like pointing a gun at others, you will be directed to leave the range. There are no refunds for safety expulsions from the class.

You may reserve this class via paypal:


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