He’s “David the Marine” on the KTOK 1000 radio segment Firearms Friday heard weekly.

In 1976, he won his first shooting award in Marine Corps boot camp when he outshot 320 other recruits on the rifle range. 

While in law enforcement, He helped train a 120 person department as an NRA Certified Police Firearms Instructor.   

He competes in USPSA matches and achieved a skill rating of GrandMaster in 3 divisions.  He’s won over 50 State and Regional titles.

His 35 years of teaching experience are readily apparent. He is confident without being smug. His relaxed teaching style makes clients comfortable and at ease. At the end, clients are amazed when they realize how far their skill has progressed. Many clients say “I thought it’d be harder than this,” but all they needed was an experienced, patient instructor to show them how.  

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