What is a “Fighting Handgun?”

Glock 26 Compact 9mm handgun

What IS a “Fighting Handgun?”

Standard answers include “the gun you have with you when you need it,” or “the gun you’re best with,” etc. 

Really? Those answers are usually superior in tone and delivery, but it really betrays the ignorance of whoever is saying it. 

If you decide to carry a sightless .380 with a horrible trigger pull and have to make a 10-25 yd head shot, you’re not going to be successful. Just because you chose to carry it doesn’t mean it’s the best gun simply because you “have it on you” when a deadly force encounter erupts. You chose convenience over capability. 

If you’re “best with” a single shot .22 Short, that doesn’t translate into an effective Defense/Fighting gun. 

A reliable modern Fighting Pistol should:

1) Be 9mm or larger caliber. 

-You have to hit hard enough.

2) Hold 10 rds minimum. 

– Multiple attackers becoming the norm 

3) Be small and light enough for concealed carry. 

– Too big or heavy, you won’t carry it. 

In addition, you should be able to hit an 8″ plate with it on demand out to 25 yds

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I'm a firearms instructor in the OKC metro. Learn the life-saving skills required to prevail in an armed encounter. Contact me to reserve a class.

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