Time to Train!

Protect Your Family!

Learn the secrets of a smooth, efficient draw along with the subtle nuances required to excel. Learn the hazards to avoid as you perfect your technique. A safe, smooth draw is essential for any future handgun class, or violent encounter….whichever happens first!

Don’t leave this critical skill to chance.

We’ll work on the all important first shot. He who hits first, wins. Make sure that’s YOU! Hit fast, hit first.

Learn the 3 different reloading options and when to use each one.

You’ll learn how to achieve proficiency by meeting the Minimum Competency Threshold. Perform it on demand, and then learn how to exceed it.

Learn how to properly engage multiple Targets, etc.

You’ll need:

• strong side holster that covers the trigger guard (NO Serpas, cross draw, shoulder, bra, ankle or elastic holsters allowed)

• 150 rds of ammo, minimum

• 3 magazines minimum, more is better

• Mag pouches recommended

• Eye and ear protection

Taught by David Elderton, Marine Corps veteran, a former law enforcement officer and USPSA triple-ranked GrandMaster with 35 years of firearm training experience.

Cost: $89

Cash App: $okcfirearmstraining

Venmo: @Okcfirearmstraining


Credit Card over the phone: 405-740-7447

Why You Need a High Capacity Firearm.

Riots, Looting, Civil unrest in the United States, 2020.

The world is ablaze while law enforcement agencies have been told to “stand down,” to allow people the freedom to “protest.” 

Even if that means wide-spread looting, wide spread violence and wide-spread fires…and it might be coming to your town, your neighborhood, your street…your house.

What then?

Police and Fire departments have been told to stand down and even if they weren’t, their resources are limited, stretched past their limits.  Call 911 in some places, you’ll get a recording telling you the Police/Fire department will not respond to your call.  Ever!

What does that mean to you?

You’re on your own!

You are your own first responder.  It is not the responsibility of others to take care of you and your family – it is yours.

If the riot is coming down your street, what will you do?  Huddle in fear and wait until the mob is upon you and your family?  Take Grand-dad’s .22 single shot rifle out of storage, wipe off the dust then engage an angry armed mob?  Or maybe you think a whistle will do?

You need a high-capacity firearm.  You know, the ones some politicians with multiple armed bodyguards standing behind them think you don’t need.

You need a high-capacity 9mm and an AR-15 in 5.56 with a 30-round magazine.  High capacity, because you won’t have time to reload and there could be plenty of people wanting to take what you have, including your wife and daughter…over your dead body

It’s critical you seek out quality training to become competent with your firearms.  

Fumbling for safeties, slides, magazine release buttons, or charging handles when people are actively engaged in killing you is not a winning strategy.

Do you think law abiding citizens in Minneapolis expected this?  You cannot schedule the emergency, it’ll happen when it happens.  Will you be ready?

Get those guns, get trained NOW!  Better a year too soon than a day too late.

Train, Defend, Win

What is a “Fighting Handgun?”

Glock 26 Compact 9mm handgun

What IS a “Fighting Handgun?”

Standard answers include “the gun you have with you when you need it,” or “the gun you’re best with,” etc. 

Really? Those answers are usually superior in tone and delivery, but it really betrays the ignorance of whoever is saying it. 

If you decide to carry a sightless .380 with a horrible trigger pull and have to make a 10-25 yd head shot, you’re not going to be successful. Just because you chose to carry it doesn’t mean it’s the best gun simply because you “have it on you” when a deadly force encounter erupts. You chose convenience over capability. 

If you’re “best with” a single shot .22 Short, that doesn’t translate into an effective Defense/Fighting gun. 

A reliable modern Fighting Pistol should:

1) Be 9mm or larger caliber. 

-You have to hit hard enough.

2) Hold 10 rds minimum. 

– Multiple attackers becoming the norm 

3) Be small and light enough for concealed carry. 

– Too big or heavy, you won’t carry it. 

In addition, you should be able to hit an 8″ plate with it on demand out to 25 yds

Beretta Minx pocket pistol

This is the Berreta Minx .22 short. This pocket rocket can shoot! It’s fun to shoot, reliable, and more accurate than people think. It’s a nice small pistol to carry in your pocket. This is a nice pistol for concealed carry.

Essential Handgun Skills Course. June 20,2020

Essential Handgun Skills Course. This popular class makes you a competent well-rounded shooter in only 3 hours. Tired of spending money on ammo and time only to be frustrated by your lack of progress?We’ve all been there! Now it’s time to DO something about it!In this class you will learn:

– Proper Grip
– Proper Stance
– Proper draw
– How to hit with and without sights
– How to reload quickly
– How to properly manage recoil
– Concealment techniques and more! Thank you to @anamaregester for the picture.

Click here to learn more.

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