Defensive AR-15 Course

The world is burning.  Maybe it’s coming to YOUR neighborhood. Are you ready?

The DEFENSIVE AR-15 Course covers the skills and tactics you need to know to prevail in a defensive situation. You’ll learn:

  • How to quickly engage a single target
  • Shooting positions
  • How to engage multiple targets
  • How to hit from 3 yards out to 100 yards
  • Properly use cover
  • Which sight system works best for you
  • What “load-out” works for you
  • And more!

Limited to TWO students

You’ll need:

  • AR-15, rifle, carbine or pistol
  • 120 rounds of ammunition (NO STEEL CORE, steel case ok)
  • Sling, gun case
  • Notebook, pen
  • Eye and ear protection, ball cap, bug spray, sunscreen, chair, snacks, etc

When: Private instruction only

COST: $99 (Take this AND Basic AR-15 Course the same day for $200 total)

Any questions/concerns, call or text 405.740.7447

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