Practical Concealed Carry

July 25, 2020. 9am – 12pm

Finally! An affordable class that teaches the skills you need to prevail in a violent encounter.

You don’t need $250 for a long day that requires 500 rounds. We distilled the skill set required into an easy to handle 3-hour class that requires only 100 rounds.

Concealed Carry Basics picks up where the SDA class left off. Learn the skills you need to confidently carry your gun in public.


– How to conceal your gun
– How to quickly draw from concealment
– How to hit quickly
– How to engage multiple attackers
– How to shoot on the move
– One handed shooting and more!

After this class, you’ll be confident in your skills and ready to carry your gun in public.

This 3 hour class is the distillation of 30+ years of teaching people how to shoot better. Only the essentials, no fluff.

You’ll need to provide:

– 100 rds of ammo
– The gun you carry
– Holster that covers the trigger guard
– Spare magazine or speedloader (holders are recommended)
– Concealment garment (optional)
– Eye protection
– Hearing protection
-Sunscreen, snacks, water, pen, paper, etc


Cost: $80

You’ll learn more in these 100 rounds than you would with a 1000 rounds on your own!

Any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me

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You may reserve this class via paypal:

Cash App: $okcfirearmstraining

Venmo: @David-Elderton

Credit card over the phone: 405-740-7447

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