Concealed Carry Class – NEXT STEPS

So, you took your concealed carry class and your license is on the way. Or you’ve had it awhile but weren’t sure about the next step. So now what? Which gun? Carried how? How do you make a draw from concealment? What’s a ‘Hackathorn Rip?” What’s a “Thumb Hook” draw? What’s the best way to actually hide your chosen gun? Comparison of shoulder, belt, pocket and off-body carry. What’s best for you? What about a reload, is that important? How should you carry it?

This class answers all those questions and gives you the essential information you need to make sound decisions in your concealed carry plans.

Discover the proper way to clear your concealment garment, draw your gun, simple tactics and reloading from concealment. Extend your shooting skills by engaging multiple targets, identifying the biggest threat and how to properly engage them. You’ll be more confident in your abilities after this fast paced 2 hour class. We offer concealed carry instruction for Edmond, Lake Arcadia, Stillwater, Enid, Guthrie, Norman, Midwest City, and all the Oklahoma City metro area.

OKC Firearms Training is founded by David Elderton to provide the best training at reasonable prices.

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