Time to Train!

Protect Your Family!

Learn the secrets of a smooth, efficient draw along with the subtle nuances required to excel. Learn the hazards to avoid as you perfect your technique. A safe, smooth draw is essential for any future handgun class, or violent encounter….whichever happens first!

Don’t leave this critical skill to chance.

We’ll work on the all important first shot. He who hits first, wins. Make sure that’s YOU! Hit fast, hit first.

Learn the 3 different reloading options and when to use each one.

You’ll learn how to achieve proficiency by meeting the Minimum Competency Threshold. Perform it on demand, and then learn how to exceed it.

Learn how to properly engage multiple Targets, etc.

You’ll need:

• strong side holster that covers the trigger guard (NO Serpas, cross draw, shoulder, bra, ankle or elastic holsters allowed)

• 150 rds of ammo, minimum

• 3 magazines minimum, more is better

• Mag pouches recommended

• Eye and ear protection

Taught by David Elderton, Marine Corps veteran, a former law enforcement officer and USPSA triple-ranked GrandMaster with 35 years of firearm training experience.

Cost: $89

Cash App: $okcfirearmstraining

Venmo: @Okcfirearmstraining


Credit Card over the phone: 405-740-7447

Published by davidelderton

I'm a firearms instructor in the OKC metro. Learn the life-saving skills required to prevail in an armed encounter. Contact me to reserve a class.

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